Thursday, December 6, 2007

Basics About CISA

This blog is for people who wants to appear for Certified Information Systems Audit (CISA) exam, or for those want don't know if they really want to give this exam currently.

Anyone can appear for this exam, there is no restriction in that part. However clearing the written exam is only a part of it. After clearing the exam, your score is valid for 5 years. You get 5 years to show relevant experience in the field of audit. Also by providing training or attending local chapter seminars you can collect points, which you will need later.

Once you have cleared the written exam, collected required number of points and experience you can apply for certification. Only after that do you get the certificate stating you are a systems auditor.

The exam takes place 2 times a year, on 2nd Saturday of June and December. You can register for the same on the official website.

The exam covers the following domains:

1) IS Audit Process
2) IT Governance
3) Systems And Infrastructure Management
4) IT Service Delivery And Support
5) Protection Of Information Assets
6) Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

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